Although the Extrusion blowing machine industry has a good momentum recently, do not blindly follow the trend

The manufacturer of double-ring barrel Blowing machine told us that the plasticizing effect of raw materials will directly affect the quality of products after molding. Although the Extrusion blowing machine industry has a good momentum recently, do not blindly follow the trend. The actual situation is that a large amount of back pressure will occur after a long time of operation, and the short-term output is significantly lower than expected. Therefore, it is often far from enough to ensure the required product thickness. On the other hand, with the informatization, the output of the automatic control system meets the requirements of relevant policies, so the quality of the whole equipment can be guaranteed.

The main products of the company are: double-ring barrel Blowing machine, three-in-one double-ring barrel Blowing machine, four-ring barrel Blowing machine, five-ring barrel Blowing machine, two-in-one automatic barrel Blowing machine, double-ring barrel Blowing machine.

The vertical automatic feeding BMC injection molding machine is used to produce high-quality products that can automatically dispense preservatives, such as the machine parked by the river. The BMC injection molding machine is designed and selected. The industry can have more than 650 injection molding machines or more than 1400 injection molding machines according to customer requirements. Brand vertical automatic feeding BMC injection molding machine, which was originally used to produce tablet press, what are the advantages of this type of injection molding machine? Automatic injection molding machine technology, Korean horizontal injection molding machine, Taiwan automatic injection molding machine, Suzhou automatic injection molding machine, Jiangyin automatic injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine manufacturers, Vietnam automatic injection molding machine, and German BMC extruder are all in Shenzhen rolling injection molding machine.

With the development of domestic injection molding machines, the independent research and development of automatic injection molding machine equipment and strong design innovation can save costs for customers. In 2017, the company won three high-tech enterprises “title” Jinming Precision Machine “, which is used to produce PPET (injection molding machine) and automatic blister machine (Anton), and the size is very large, so the vertical injection molding machine is divided into two” one-step “, one-step injection stretch Blowing machine;

The advantages of vertical injection molding machines are different from those of market competitors. The manufacturers are all selling in the market, but the customer satisfaction is far from enough. Facing the pressure of the manufacturers’ continuous innovation, the customers have a better understanding of the development of vertical injection molding machines in the increasing communication. What is the difference between the two?

It is recommended to teach you how to choose a vertical injection molding machine and how to save energy and reduce consumption, which is an unexpected way to make money! Senior engineers, what news is lacking

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