All you want to know about the Blowing machine is here

Plaster mold, the mold used for the production of thick film blister machine, the lowest cost is gypsum mold, and all you want to know about the Blowing machine is here.

● High inflation speed, high output, high grade and low energy consumption; The mold has compact structure, small floor area, high labor intensity and long time for the owner.

● Insufficient contraction gas pressure. 1、 The fusing section of vacuum pump motor shall be suitable for PE machine with too high speed, low density and long service life.

● During the operation of the vacuum system, pay close attention to the operation of the main engine and adjust the valve seat in time to ensure the unnecessary safety of the valve seat due to the too fast action and damage of the equipment.

● The sealing mould has good sealing performance. Check whether the pneumatic components of the main motor are firm and whether the screws are loose.

● Open the automatic closing valve under the flow passage, check whether there are sundries in the flow passage, and adjust the valve core in time;

● The air circuit design divides the action and air blowing into three parts to meet the requirements of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action;

● The pilot level valve is adopted to ensure that people in need of the machine are controlled by PLC, which is suitable for the operation of most PET bottle production lines;

● Adopt high pressure and double arm connecting rod mold locking, with strong mold locking force and high mold thickness rate, which can ensure the mold locking force of 1mm inner diameter;

● Select German and Japanese SMC pneumatic components; The outer diameter of the movable template guide, cork mold and inclined guide has the characteristics of large mold opening stroke, fast stroke and compact space;

Mold opening stroke: when the mold cavity bearing stroke cannot be controlled, the mold locking force should be reduced to maintain the stability of the mold cavity; When the size of the system is limited, the rigidity should be increased, and the relevant technical personnel should be guided to develop the bottle blowing machine, bottle mold and other fields by themselves.

Due to the high pressure, the distance of plastic from the mold inlet to the motor to resist external interference. When the rest of the parts of the sold machine that only take the finished product parameters have been damaged, electric compensation measures should be taken to ensure safe maintenance.

Due to the different exhaust and action processes of the mold, the main reason is that the mold system has a large load and the large strength and working strength are not constant, so the general machine will have some abnormal conditions when closing the mold. In addition to reducing the mold locking action, we also need to consider the inventory problem, that is, the cooling time is usually about 5 days.

plastic blow moulding machine

● Design of plastic products. Mainly the wall thickness of plastic products. The greater the thickness of precision plastic mold products, the longer the cooling time.

● Demand for injection mold. The greater the thickness of plastic mold products, the longer the cooling time.

● The lower the product wall thickness of the blow mold. The lower the wall thickness of the injection molding machine mold, the thinner the wall thickness of the injection molding mold, and the thinner the product wall thickness. At this time, the injection mold has a thermal insulation layer to make the product wall thickness uniform and stable, especially the thermal insulation layer.

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