A blowing machine company that produces juice beverage bottles with high production standards

The DR-500L-1200L semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is widely used in beverage packaging, cans, food and beverage, mineral water, cosmetics, pharmaceutical materials, and chemical industries with PET, PP, and other materials. The series of products are manufactured without any equipment.

The excellent performance of the injection blowing machine has conquered many wind tunnels in various countries, and the impact may be in the future, only a few simple parts are needed.

molding machines

It can be used to produce various types of grinding machines, such as grinding machines, plates, or processing machines. The rice shape can be set according to the user’s requirements, or finished products can be added to produce and manufacture Sipa with beautiful surfaces.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, bottle blowing machines are a project that presents both opportunities and challenges. Everyone should understand that there will be a significant improvement in quality, price, and reputation. At the same time, plastic bottle manufacturers are even starting and playing an important role.

Prefabricated components, also known as preforms, are heated directly by molds or other combination of preform tubes. A typical packaging material is plastic particles.

Stretch Blow Moulding

Bottle preforms, also known as preforms, are formed by injection molding of PET pellets. They require a recycling ratio of no more than 10% and a recycling frequency of no more than two times.

Prefabricated parts, also called parison, are prefabricated parts after hot working. We should prohibit recycled materials, otherwise they will be crushed with old materials. The lifespan of bottle preforms cannot exceed 6 months.

Prefabricated parts, also called parison, are formed by hot working or directly by mold parison. Except for Class A, B, C, and D, which are usually based on adhesive blocks of prefabricated components (such as half layer materials), Class B and C develop shrinkable ropes based on the required dimensions of the preform.

The pneumatic shock absorber can also generate servo motion for the rollers, so it has energy efficiency compared to slightly higher roller speeds. If a manual inverter is needed, the pneumatic frequency can be easily adjusted.

C. In mold adhesive refers to the successful release of clamping force with a gripper through high and low pressure blow molding, extrusion, and casting of films that pass through logistics groups or loaders in the same plane, with different load requirements. It is widely used in improving the quality of liquid containers.

C. The connection method of the spare parts is composed of two halves, consisting of two parts: positive and negative, and filtering the membrane from the second layer to the third layer to form a co extruded bubble. Then, the main machine is supported from a machine to complete the production of the entire film.

D. Fiberglass reinforced, with high-pressure spring operation, with a maximum speed of 200ps per hour. Stability, electrical stability, and other performance can save 30% -50% energy through simple configuration.

v. Light load, the odor of CFPR appears during high-speed transmission operation, which directly or indirectly causes the motor in the corresponding distribution room to return.

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